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Rickshaw is a vehicle that runs the houses of many people but, now a day there is no information available about Auto Rickshaw, E- Rickshaw and Cycle Rickshaw and about its price & details on internet. Keeping this in mind, we have created this website, to give our customer the right details and price about all type Rickshaws.

Rickshawbazar.com is such a website that provides information about all kind of rickshaws.                     We have provided information about Auto Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw and, Cycle Rickshaw for our site visitors on a single click and very simple way. You will get all information about E-Rickshaw and Auto Rickshaw by the experts and how much good or bad it is with other rickshaw by single click.


Our aim is to provide you all kind of information and price details about E-Rickshaw, Auto Rickshaw and Cycle Rickshaw, so that you can get good and durable rickshaw instead of where you are spending money.



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